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FEC is to be a lean institution acting as a think tank, catalyst and facilitator for all actions and policy advocacy needed to continuously and dynamically enhance export objectives of the Egyptian food industry at the macro level as well as realize of the aspirations of the Egyptian food exporters.

Mission and Activities :

Support the realization of the vision and objectives of the 2006 multi-dimensional food export strategy in a flexible and dynamic way through:

  • General monitoring of the implementation of the strategy
  • Regular, detailed following-up of trend of Egyptian food exports
  • Regular benchmarking of Egyptian exports against role models and competitors
  • Maintaining close contact with exporters to identify constraints to implementation of strategy in a timely way
  • Representing the interests of the exporters in public forums and in relation to MTI and Ministry of agriculture among others
  • Acting as a think tank and catalyst for all needed actions to support the implementation of the food export strategy
  • Initiating and lobbying all types of new supportive activities to food exports without being involved in implementation 
  • Being the main player in export related policy advocacy
  • Introducing adjustments to strategy as per changes in internal and external circumstances
FEC Profile :

The Food Export Council FEC, is one of the leading export councils established by the Ministry of Trade and Industry, The food export council is the link between private sector exporters and government regime. The council aims at improving the legislative and business environment for Egypt’s processed food industry, by improving the competitive advantage of the sector, and to strengthening the industry’s positive image in the world market place.

To accomplish its objectives, the FEC provides services to match between political decisions and business interests, including hosting events in Egypt as well as participating in conferences, workshops, and fairs abroad to have a hand out experience on the requirements of exports all over the world.

Establishing FEC:
The idea behind establishing the Council emerged from the need to have an entity acting as a liaison between the Ministry of Trade and Industry, and the producers of all types of food commodity in the Arab Republic of Egypt; as well as work within an organizational frame combining producers, exporters, and food commodities.

The council was established under Ministerial decree number 311/1999 and began serving members in March 2003. This decree has been changed with Ministerial decree number 543/2005 amending the name of the Commodity Council to Export Council

The Council, when first established, was chaired by Dr. Mounir Massoud in 2003, and is currently chaired by Tarek Tawfik, from May 2005 to date. Board members are appointed by Ministerial decree. Membership for the Council is restricted to companies that work in the export of food commodities.

FEC Objective:
Clearing and highlighting Egypt’s food industry reputation and image by promoting the Egyptian food processing industry as being a reliable and reputable business partner for domestic and international buyers, suppliers, government decision makers and other relevant players. In addition to that, it aims at publicizing its contribution to Egypt’s economic growth.

To achieve its objectives FEC works closely and share information with various organizations such as: General Organization for Export and Import Control  (GOEIC), Egyptian Export Promotion Center (EEPC), Egyptian Commercial Service (ECS), Industrial Modernization Center (IMC), Foreign Trade Training Center (FTTC), Chamber of Food Industry (CFI), Food technology center (FTC), in addition to international donors and stakeholders working in the sector such as Japanese International Corporate Agency (JICA), Japanese External Trading Organization (JETRO), EU Delegation in Egypt, German Technical Cooperation (GTZ), British Egyptian Business Association (BEBA), et cetera  .

FEC Activities:

  1. Government Support Program:
    1. Introducing and creating awareness among food exporters on the government support program.
    2. Classify supported commodities according to HS Codes
  2. Data Collection and Analysis
    1. Disseminate monthly data to the Minister’s office in coordination with GOEIC for the following items:
      1. Growth increase for each sub-sector
      2. Identify the largest exports during a given period of time
      3. Analyze the effect of the various trade agreements on exports
      4. Analyze Egyptian food exports and imports to regional, and international markets
      5. Coordinate with all entities working in the sector to establish a reliable data base.
      6. Continuous check of member companies ID codes, HS codes, and Export figures
  3. Government Advocacy:
    1. Lobby and support in decisions related to the sector
    2. Address problems faced by food exporters
    3. Identify trade agreements application problems and suggest solutions
    4. Enhance Egypt position in all foreign trade agreements negotiations
    5. Prepare the national  food export strategy
  4. Circulate important information and data to members such as :
    1. Export opportunities
    2. Market studies
    3. Ministerial decrees
    4. Foreign trade agreements
    5. Donors funding availability including terms and condition
    6. Sectorial studies per commodity
  5. Increase Egypt’s Food Export
    1. Establish an endowment for disaster funds
    2. Represent the Sector in all related international fares
    3. Support exporters with data, services and studies
    4. Support members with reliable information in penetrating new markets

FEC Sub-Committees

  • Data Collection
  • Poultry
  • Dairy
  • Advocacy
  • International fairs
  • Frozen vegetables and fruits
  • Business Councils
FEC Staff

Food Expot Council Adminstartion Staff
Office Telephone: (+202) 275 107 37/ 275 107 47,Fax: (+202) 235 991 30

Add: 69B  Road 15, In front of Embassy of Peru -  Maadi, Cairo, Egypt.

Mrs. May Khairy
Executive Director

Eng. Tameem El-Dawy
Marketing Manager & IT Consultant

Mr. Samir Abd Alla
Membership Services Officer
Mrs. Heba Soheil
Marketing Spacialist
Mr. Ayman Ahmed
Financial Manager

Mr. Ahmed Samy
International Cooperation Specialist

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