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It is a pleasure to welcome you to the official website of the Food Export Council (FEC) where we hope to provide council members, local players, and international businesses with insights into the vision and mission of the FEC as we work together realize the food export sector’s full potential.

The FEC has for almost two decades built an essential link between the state and private sector. We have worked tirelessly to improve the legislative and business environment for the food industry, boost the sector’s competitive advantage both at home and abroad, and build indispensable partnerships with international nation states. From the identification of export opportunities and trade markets to the provision of key data and analysis; the organization of international trade fairs and missions to capacity building — the FEC’s aim is clear: to prop up Egypt’s vital food export market.

Egypt’s food industry is vital not only to cover domestic demand and achieve food security for millions of Egyptians, but in supporting local industry and growing exports to global markets. In short, it is a key driver of economic development. The growth and industrialization of the food sector in recent years only serves to highlight the success of the collective and collaborative efforts between the government, the private sector, and councils such as ours. To this effect, the FEC has set out strategy we hope will serve to catalyze food exports — a set of goals we feel will be key to fueling economic growth in the long term.

We are looking to back efforts to enhance trade exchanges to important markets and regional blocks such Arab countries, Africa and Europe to diversify our export base.

Given our prime location and participation in trade agreements such as the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), Sub-Saharan Africa presents a major area of opportunity that is already attracting the attention of local producers. In fact, the Ministry of Trade plans to expediate Egyptian exports to African countries, a goal we at the FEC are prepared to support whether that’s through capacity building, organizing trade missions, or launching export exhibitions.

In tandem, we are looking to boost food export competitiveness through efforts to systematize, digitize, and modernize frameworks in line with Egypt’s push toward digital transformation in industry. At the same time, we plan to invest in strategically marketing Egyptian exports on a global level to support local industry and boost their competitive advantage abroad.

Finally, we hope to continue to support domestic industry in every way we can, be that lobbying for the facilitation of bureaucratic procedures, enhancing the ease of doing business, or providing technical support programs to boost the overall quality and, therefore, competitiveness of Egyptian exports abroad.

Looking at the potential growth of food export market, I am confident that we have the tools and resources in place to see this strategy through to fruition. I’d like to take a moment recognize the efforts of our esteemed FEC members and our board of directors, which have been instrumental in bringing us to where we are today, where we stand looking ahead at what I believe will be a new chapter of growth.

What is the FEC

The FEC is a Purposeful Mission

The FEC (Egyptian Food Export Council) is a B2B-focused regulatory framework that aims to increase sector exports, maintain current markets, and diversify markets internationally to promote Egyptian Exports.

What FEC
Food & Beverage


Connect - Export - Grow

FEC supports the export development of the Egyptian processed food sector by providing assistance, guidance, and accrellation to expand in international markets.


An Achievable Goal

To be the leading MENA export support organization and take Egyptian food products to be the top supplier and preferred choice in international markets.



1. Transparency

We value transparency, respecting our members’ data while keeping our own books open.

2. Equal opportunity

All members are treated fairly and equally. None get more chances than the others.

3. Honesty and credibility

We believe that the strongest lifelong relationships are built upon honesty. We shall always stay true to our beliefs.

4. Confidentiality of data

We took an oath to keep the data of our members confidential. No one could acquire the data, not even the board members.

5. Interpersonal relationships

We aspire to keep personal relationships between the council and our members, yet professional.

6. Continuous self-audit

Everyone has got room to improve, and we are no different. We keep on auditing our own process and aim to always get better.

FEC Board


Eng. Hani Berzi

FEC Chairman, Chairman of Edita for Food Industries

Mahmoud Bazan

FEC Treasurer, Chairman of Hero MEA

Dr. Ashraf Hassan

FEC Board Member, Chairman of Cairo Agricultural Industry Nile Fruits

Karim Baraka

FEC Board Member, General Manager of Savola Egypt

Eng. Ashraf El Gazayerli

FEC Board Member, Chairman of Chamber of Food Industries

Alaa El Wakil

FEC Board member, General Manager of Al- Mansour Company for Trade and Distribution Seclam

Hani Afia

FEC Board member, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Update for Food Processing Company

Dina Mahmoud Hosny

FEC Board Member, Vice Chairman of Kemet Natural Foods Company

Mohamed Damaty

FEC Board Member, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Arab Food Industries Company (Domty)

FEC Team


May Khairy

Executive Director may.khairy@feceg.com

Tameem ELDawy

Deputy Executive Director - Business Intelligence and IT Manager Tameem@feceg.com

Heba Soheil

Exhibitions & Membership Services Manager heba@feceg.com

Ahmed Salama

Finance & HR Operations Manager accounting@feceg.com

Samir Abdallah

Membership Services Officer samirِabdalla@feceg.com

Lillian Melek

Training & Events Specialist training@feceg.com

Nermeen Magdy

Training and Events Assistant nermeen.magdy@feceg.com

FEC Partners

QCAP SGS Train Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Al-Ahram Canadian University Al-Ahram Canadian University: Faculty of Design and Creative Arts USAID British Council
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